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Natural zircon provides a suite of gemstones with a charm of their own. Zircon are found in the shade of leaf green, yellow, brown, olive green, pink, and more rarely red. A lovely orange zircon is occasionally found too. But the zircon most commonly mounted in the jewelry are sky blue zircon from Cambodia, golden, brown zircon from Tanzania, and colorless zircon from Tanzania, though their colors are usually result from heat treatment. The brown zircon rough mined in Cambodia change their color with careful heat treatment. If they are heated in the air so that they become oxidized, these brough zircon rough becom colorless or golden yellow. If they are heated in reducing environment, means devoid of oxygen, a nice blue zircon generally results. As recently, many of the zircon rough were heated by the native crude ovens, but more up to date methods have also been done now.

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