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Tips to remember when buying gemstones


1.) When looking at loose gemstones, be sure you look at it from both profile and from the top view. You may also turn them upside down on the flat, neutral color surface and look for the evenness of color as well as color zone that may present in that stone.

2.) When judging any colored stones, remember that color is the most important value factors. In many clarity type-2 stones like ruby, sapphire, chrysoberyl, and etc. if the color is fine, inclusions don’t detract from the stone’s value as significantly as with most diamonds. If overall color of beauty is not seriously affected, the presence of inclusion should not deter a purchase.

3.) Be sure that you are looking at stone’s color in several types of lighting. Before making any decision, it always a good idea to inspect stone you are about to purchase under both incandescent light like spot light or sun light as well as under fluorescence light. Be sure that the stone has a pleasing color in the type of light in which you expect to be wearing it most often.

In some color change gemstones like color change garnet, color change sapphire, color change fluorite, and alexandrite. Be sure that intensity of color change effect is strong enough and color should look attractive under both lightings.

4.) Remember to give special attention to wearability. If you are looking to buy gemstone which rank good to poor on the toughness scale, think about how the piece will be worn, where, and how frequently. Also pay extra attention to the setting type and whether stone is mounted in the way that will add extra protection, or allow unnecessary exposure to hazards.