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Sphene (Titanite)

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This is new gemstone that is found their way to appear and offers some interesting possibilities for the jewelry market.While sphene has been highly regarded for somany years. One of the main resons that sphene wasn't quite popular amongst jewelers due to its scarcity.At that itme only a handful quantity of gem sphene from Pakistan entered gem market. Today, however, new deposits in South India, and Madagascar have been discovered and availble to the wider audiences.

Sphene is an exquisite lemon-yellow or green gemstone, whose name is derived from the Greek root word, 'sphen' because of its typical wedge shaped crystal habit.

"Gem quality Sphene" is a beautiful, strong dispersion, with a diamond like surface reflection (Adamantine luster) and fire that is stronger than diamond. However, sphene is a soft gems which limit them to be used in the piece of jewelry that subject to daily wear.

Gem quality sphene typical color range starting from grass green to golden yellow to brown. In some cases, it may exhibit color change effect. Sphene is Calcium Titanium Silicate with an unusually high refractive index and a Moh's hardness of 5 -5.5. Because of its high dispersion and refractive index, a well cut sphene can display stunning brilliance. 

Since Sphene is double refractive gem, it usually exhibits trichroic properties showing green, red, yellow and transparent tints from different viewing directions. Normally facets are given to this stone because it makes it dazzle and adds to its beauty. When Sphene is cut properly, it shows its fire and radiance to its full glory.

Care and cleaning of sphene

As Sphene is a soft gemstone and prone to abrasions, adequate care should be taken while using it. Warm soapy water is the saftest way to clean the piece of jewelry containg gem sphene.