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Spessartite- The mandarin Garnet


In this article, I'm here to report to you from gemstone capital “Bangkok” on a stone that I think is one of the most beautiful stones in nature. I remember back when we were challenge to find a lot of different colors in natural gemstones and it was very difficult to find pinks to find oranges for that matter and what we're talking about today is a stone that is one of the most magnificent colors of oranges you have ever seen.

spessartite garnet

And that's spessartite garnet!! Oranges is a color that you don't see that often in jewelry but it's a color that in our life is very important. Orange is a color that brings to mind a sunset as it gets close to the horizon or when you're sitting by a fireplace and you see those orange flames. Orange color in spessartite is also, the color that most attracts the eye… so if you want a stone and a piece of jewelry that's going to get an incredible amount of attention spessartite garnet is the way to go!!


Another thing that you want to take into consideration when you're thinking about buying gemstones is rarity. I mean we talk a lot about opportunities and having finds. I remember when there was an initial find of a spessartite Garnet in Namibia in 1991 and we thought that was significant.. In five years it was done!! And we looked for many years to try to find spessartite again especially the kinds of the quality that gemsquares.com is known to bring you at a price that you can afford!!

And our friend in Tanzania recently were able to find an extraordinary deposit of spessartite Garnet and I'd really like to show you a piece of gem quality spessartite we have in our collection.. We keep them in these beautiful boxes because we want them to stay beautiful.. Look how beautiful that orange is. You know one of the things I'm really feel very fortunate about is that I can be here in Bangkok and Chantaburi, Thailand where you have such incredible network of rough dealers going all over the world and finding these beautiful gems.

And what you're looking at is a specimen of spessartite that so magnificent, so beautiful and I think adding orange to your collection will be something that you will not regret. So I highly recommend for all the reasons that we spoke about earlier. The rarity, you know that spessartite is a garnet so it's highly reflective and brilliant gemstone… It's durable!! You are talking about a stone that is 7-7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale. So it's just for every reason, for its color, for its cut, for its beauty, and for the fact that it is a beautiful color in nature that I highly recommend that you add spessartite to your collection.