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Sapphires come in a range of colors, from summer sky blues to jet black, colorless and all colors in between. As a member of the Corundum family; pure Corundum, known as White Sapphire, is colorless.
The wide array of differing hues seen in Sapphires are due to the presence of different impurities found in their crystal structure.

Sapphires are unearthed in countries as far afield as Madagascar, Australia, Thailand and China, the most highly regarded Sapphires come from the country known as “gem island”: Sri Lanka, from where the finest examples are named Ceylon Sapphires.

With Ceylon Sapphires, stunning blues are brought to life with a distinguished clarity. These sapphires are notably sourced from the country where Sapphires were originally found.

Found in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. (Ratnapura meaning “gem city”), Ceylon Sapphires display deep cornflower blues with only the finest quality sapphires from Sri Lanka earning the coveted ‘Ceylon’ prefix. Ceylon Sapphires have been associated with royalty for over 2,000 years, from a time when only royalty could afford them. Now everyone can complete their collection with one of the most revered & beautiful of the big four.