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Mali Garnet

Mali Garnets are relatively new and was discovered in late 1994 at the Sandare Mine in Mali’s Kayes Region. An attractive greenish yellow to yellowish green garnets reached the market from West African turned out to be mixtures of the species grossularite and andradite. This is why most mali garnet tend to bring much stronger fire and dispersion compared to other type of garnet members.

grossularite7-5-0003-3.png grossularite7-5-0005-1.png

The three greatest influences on Mali garnet’s value are color, clarity, and carat weight. If all other factors are equal, a gem’s carat weight can be most important. Cut is less important in larger gems that have superb color and clarity. On the other hand, in smaller stones, typically stone with size below one carat, cut is much more of a consideration.


Currently most of Mali garnets available in the gems market are from Mali. Supply of large, fine quality Mali garnets rough that provided faceted stone size larger than 1 carat are extremely thin making Mali garnet is an absolute “must have” for gems lovers.

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