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Imperial Topaz

Without having question Imperial Topaz or Precious topaz is one of the world’s most sought after gemstones. Due to pleochroism, their mesmerising color shades shift from a magnificent yellow to reddish orange and just sometimes from orange to pink when the stone is viewed from different angle. And because of both its beauty, and rarity, imperial topaz is one of those gemstones that all gem lovers try to one day obtain.


In the Eighteenth century this gem was greatly well-known in Imperial Russian federation and it is through this association that the gem most likely obtained its name. But some said, if you talk about how imperial topaz got its name with any mine owner in Brazil, they will tell you that the gem was known as in regard of their Emperor Dom Pedro who deliberated Brazil from Portugal in 1822.


Imperial Topaz is said to motivate self assurance and to reduce bad dream. And crystal healers believe that the gem stimulates the cravings for food and allows in enjoyment.

For many decades Citrine and Imperial topaz were not independently identified, therefore many of the myths around Citrine are actually due to Imperial Topaz. Identifying the more costly Imperial tanzanite from Citrine can be very simple by using refractometer. All Topaz will provide the indicative refractive index of 1.61-1.62, while citrine is providing the reading of 1.54-1.55..

Nowadays the major source of Imperial Topaz is the Ouro Preto mines of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Desposits were also discovered in the Urual Mountain in Russian federation.

Because of the wealth of its tradition and its attractive colors, Imperial Topaz is marketed at a top quality cost in the gems and jewelry industry today. The value of Imperial Topaz differs based on the size and quality of the precious stone.

Please keep in mind that Real Imperial Topaz is always without treatment, and content which has been artificially shaded by irradiation is not considered as authentic Imperial Topaz and those should be selling at much lesser money.