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Getting to know Keshi Pearl


Keshi pearl is one of the most exotic pearls in the world. The term keshi is a Japanese term and it translates to puppy a lot of people use it to mean small and spontaneous. The way it all came about is that when the Japanese farmers first started culturing the akoya oyster they noticed in their harvest that sometimes they would have surprised pearls, a pearl that they didn't try to nucleate. These they looked and found they were always very small reminding them of a puppy, so they named it Keshi pearl.


Now the term keshi pearl has expanded to other pearls besides just the Akoya pearl. We find Keshi pearl in the saltwater pearls. We find keshi pearl, of course, in the freshwaters pearl as well. The saltwater ones can be very valuable. They all can especially the saltwater pearls would be very valuable. What will happen there is that the farmer will nucleated the saltwater oyster; they'll put them back into the water. A lot of times the oysters will literally spit that nucleus out but. It'll get an irritant inside of it and it will create a pearl. Keshi pearl is still a cultured pearl. And even though that it forms naturally inside of the oyster or the mollusk, it is still classified as a cultured pearl.

Keshi Pearls are brilliant and beautiful. Everyone like a snowflake is totally it's all. I think you're going to really enjoy getting into the world of keshi pearl. Every color, every shape, every size are available for you.