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Five most important characteristics to look for when buying Earrings


We all want our jewelry to be as magnificent, purposeful and long-lasting as possible. Following are the five primary elements to look for when buying earrings:

1.)    Always Pick Comfortable Post or Earwires

Even the most amazing ear-rings are worthless if they are distressing. Look for ear-rings with posts, omega backs, lever backs, hinged posts, or ear wires system that make you feel comfortable when wearing it. And they can be made from precious or base metal but making sure that they are nickel-free, lead-free components. Surgery steel is the best option for very sensitive ears.

2.)    Timeless Style


If you want to still be wearing your ear-rings in a few years, then consider styles that are not far too fashionable. If you are making an investment a lot on a number of ear-rings, conventional styles that will be around for at least a few seasons are best.

3.)    Designs That Go with Your Lifestyle


Take into consideration how the ear-rings will go with your daily life style. For example, do you have a kid or toddler? Perhaps lengthy hang ear-rings are not the best, as little kids really like to play or pull on glittery piece of jewelry.

4.)    Is it made up of precious metal?


Above earring made up of both Sterling Silver & 18K Gold

When buying a pair of earring make sure that you know whether it is made up of precious metal like sterling Silver (925), gold or base metal like brass, bronze jewelry. Precious metal costs more, but your ear-rings will have a long lasting life.

5.)    Make Sure You Really like Them and always look for sign of quality before spending money on them

Earrings sit next to your facial area and are often a make-it-or-break-it accent. If you really like the way they look, then absolutely everyone else will love them too. And remember, earrings are a pair, so they must match left and right, where applicable. Brightness of finish must match, as well as gemstone color, within a pair.