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Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Gernet

Round brilliant cut Demantoid garnet

When you think about garnet, the first garnet comes to mind is not always demantoid garnet but Demantoid garnet is indeed one of rarest and the most brilliant gem stones that exist. Yet until recently it was little known except among collectors and gemstone lovers.

Strictly speaking it is a green variety of an andradite species. The name demantoid means “diamond likes” the name comes from the Dutch and makes reference to the outstanding quality of this gem.

Demantoid garnet

Above: Russian Demantoid

If you are gemstone collector out there demantoid may be the last of the garnets that you get because Demantoid is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties. However I am going to tell you about two localities of demantoid that provide exceptional quality are Russian, and Namibian Demantoid. Although Demantoid garnet come from other places like Iran, Madagascar, and many other source but the Russian materials are pretty much played out.

Russian Demantoid garnet

One of things I personally like about demantoid garnet is the high dispersion. And that means when we look at the demantoid garnet, especially, diamond cut or brilliant cut stone you're going to see colors. Rainbow colors you'll see are blues, reds, green colors flashing throughout the stone. That's a function as the “fire” that is caused by property called “dispersion”. Generally speaking, flash colors in most colored stones will generally masked by its own body color that make fire not easy to observe. However, the degree of dispersion in demantoid garnet is so high and even when you look at the stone with the rich green color you still see those colorful flashes that looks like rainbow flashes throughout.

One of the other facts that make gemstone collectors love about demantoid is that it’s beautifully fire green color were born by mother nature. Demantoid is absolutely 100 percent natural gemstone that never been treated in any manner whether heat treatment, clarity enhancement, or irradiation and I have to say you should consider adding demantoid garnet to your collection.