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Carbonado black diamond


Natural black diamond can be colored by inclusions or be intergrown with graphite, another form of carbon.

What is carbonado type diamond?

Carbonado diamonds are a polycrystalline type of diamond, the origin of which is still under debate, but they are carbon and considered to be diamonds. Diamonds can be treated to black by various methods including heating, irradiation, or heating with used motor oils. Generally speaking, it is common for more than one treatment to be applied to the same stone, which makes obtaining positive identification difficult. However, this diamond can still be traded as natural origin, but should also be labeled as carbonado type diamonds.

How do I know if diamond that I’m buying is carbonado type diamond or not?


Unlike black diamond that its color derived from irradiation method would show dark blue or greenish blue when held up against strong light. Cabonado type diamonds are likely to exhibit characteristic of rough surface and pit that can be observed easily by unaided eye or by 10times magnification.


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