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Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. As a jewelry gemstone, blue sapphire is very versatile as they were used in many important piece of jewelry like the engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana. They’re also set in cutting-edge jewelry and worn by fashion models and celebrities.


Above: Ceylon blue sapphire possesing bright and higher brilliancy compared to sapphire from other localities

Sapphire’s extraordinary durability makes it a desirable gem. Blue sapphire excels in hardness 9 on the Mohs scale. As well as in toughness and stability its resistance to scratching and other damage makes it ideal for setting in jewelry that will be worn every day.

Blue sapphire is a member of the mineral species corundum, which comes in virtually every color of the rainbow. Like red variety is known to wider audiences as "ruby" rather than red corundum. According to most of gem dealers in the trade, the word “sapphire,” when used alone, typically refers to the blue variety. Other colors, such as yellow, pink, and orange, are termed “fancy sapphires”.

Blue sapphire can be the one of the most valuable members of sapphire varieties, especially stones with origin Myanmar and Kashmir. Fine qualiity sapphire usually display intense blue which is closest to the pure spectral blue. Some gem dealer use the word "Royal Blue" describe color of finest quality Burmese sapphire.

Kashmir sapphire, on the other hand, possessing more velvety toned deep blue color similar to "corn flower blue"

The Ceylon sapphires are very pleasing bright crystal blue. Most of sapphire found in this island tend to have lesser tone compared to notable localities like Myanmar, and Kashmir region.

Sapphire’s qualities and how they influence its value

A sapphire’s color, cut, clarity, size, and treatments determine whether it’s categorized as commercial, good, or fine quality. A blue sapphire’s quality range dictates its place in the market—in a line of mass-market jewelry, in a unique custom piece, or at a prestigious auction house.

The most important influence on blue sapphire’s value is its color. Sapphire can appear in a wide array of hues, tones, and degrees of saturation. In standardized color terms, sapphire's color ranges from very light to very dark violetish blue to greenish blue.

ceylon-sapphire0011-2.png ceylon-sapphire0001-2.png ceylon-sapphire0008-1.png

Above : If there were all the same shape, size, cutting and carat weight.. Sapphire on the right will command the highest price per carat.

According to trade's preference, the most highly valued sapphires are velvety, violetish blue to blue, in medium to medium-dark tones with strong to vivid degree of color saturation. The saturation should be as strong as possible without darkening the tones and compromising brilliance.