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The Amazing Ametrine

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It's very rare when you find a species of a gemstone that actully has varieties to be found in one stone. What I mean is you take that quartz family or quartz species and you have many different varieties within that. You have amethyst which is purple quartz, you have citrine or yellow quartz, colorless quartz which is known for rock crystal quartz and transparent green is prasiolite and so on.

Well gemstone quartz is found all over the world it's a very abundant gemstone. However, when you're looking for the top colors of amethyst or citrine, there are only few countries of origins that come up to your mind. Uruguay, and Brazil are one of those countries that known for source of top quality amethyst and citrine. However, when you think of amethyst and citrine together in one gemstone, that's a real find.

We are speaking of one of the most unique gemstone here.. This is "Ametrine" which is also member of quartz that has two totally different color combinations in one gemstone. You'll see amethyst which is purple on one part and yellow citrine on another part in the same gemstone.

And what's so unique about this is you have the vivid colors, the good saturations of that purple and a golden yellow with nice split in that gemstone. A 50-50 split or 60/40 split where that stone colors in that gemstone are balanced so well there.

Bolivia is the only gemstone producing countries that known for the source of gem Ametrine. So combinations of both unique coloration as well as coming from single source make ametrine gemstones worth adding to your collection.