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Blog - How to clean your jewelry

​How to clean your jewelry

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Who does not own jewelry? Jewelry are now part of everyone life. But quite often, many people neglect caring of their jewelry or they didn't do it properly causing their beautiful jewelry to become too dirty to wear. Or in worse case, they have to throw them away. If you want to keep your jewelry at its best and bring them back as new (it's not as complicated as you may think!), Follow these practical tips on how to clean your jewelry.

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • Water
  • Baking soda, salt, soap, dishwashing detergent,
  • cotton cloth, chamois cloth, and tooth brush

Pearl Jewelry

If you want your pearl jewelry that could easily lose its luster cleaned up, I would recommend that you wash them with warm soapy water. Please keep in mind that soap that you are using for cleaning your pearl item shouldn’t be too strong too. I especially emphasize the concept of being "neutral" because harsh or strong detergent could lower or even damage luster of your pearl jewelry. After you wash and remove all of the dust from your jewelry, next step is to rinse and dry them thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.

Another good advice for your pearl jewelry is to avoid keeping them near a source of heat for a long time and more importantly, you should wear your pearl jewelry after you spray the perfume. Since alcohol and chemical from the perfume or fragrance could in fact damage your pearl jewelry luster permanently.

Gold Jewelry

If you are working on cleaning your gold jewelry, be sure that gemstones in your jewelry are securely set in the mounting as you don’t want to lose them during the cleaning process. Take a saucepan and add water to the tap. Put a little dish washing soap in the water and put your saucepan on the stove to boil. When the water boils, remove the pan from the heat, then take your gold jewelry and immerse for five minutes at most. With a toothbrush to clean your teeth then of course you decide to no longer use, gently rub it until it will be cleaned. Rinse it and dry it well with a cloth, preferably a buck, but you can also use a cotton cloth.

Silver Jewelry

To clean your silver jewelry, take a bowl or other container and fill it with hot water. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and a little bit of salt into it. Now dip your silver jewelry into the bowl with baking soda and salt and cover the whole thing with aluminum foil. Leave them to soak for about an hour or so, then rinse it and dry it well.

Please note that this cleaning method only works with plain silver jewelry item without gemstone set in it as baking soda could damage some sensitive gemstones like peridot or your gemstone could lose their luster. If your silver jewelry that you would like to clean is set with gemstone, my best advice is to wash them with mild soapy water then rinse and dry it well with a cloth.