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Axinite is an rare and collectible gem that gets its name from the phrase 'acine' which in Ancient, indicates axe. The colors which are available in gem quality Axinite are pink brownish, purple, red, dark brown, colorless and yellow. Axinite was found by R.J.Hauy in 1797. Most of the Axinite crystal having crystal habit like a pitching wedge or axe formed. This exotic gem is not a birth stone but sometimes mistaken Axinite for Quartz.

The gem axinite is hard enough to produce satisfactory gemstone, this rare gemstone suffers from its darb clove brown color. Many stones were cut from the rather flat crystals, except for the collectors, and it is unlikely to see the gem axinite to be mounted in jewelry.

Axinite belongs to the mineral-group called Cyclosilicates. The chemical name of  gem axinite is Calcium Manganese Iron Magnesium Aluminium Borosilicate Hydroxide. It belongs to Triclinic crystal structure, characterized by the absence of symmetry surfaces. The crystals can be either transparent or translucent. The gemstone has vitreous shine.

The other varieties of Axinite are "Ferro-Axinite" which is an axinite that combined with Iron. Magnesio-Axinite is another type of axinite that combined with Magnesium. And Manganaxinite is an axinite that combined with Manganese .


Axinite may be expensive and rarely use in jewelry but the glassy luster and stunning colors create this gemstones a real beauty. Axinite is found in France, United States, and Pakistan.

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