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Ammolite triplet

Journey back in time, seventy five million years to the late cretaceous period, a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Imagine the tropical inland sea that covered much of what is today north America teaming with ancient marine life including schools of ammonite, a spiral shelled animal and distant relative to the present day nautilus feasting on fish or darting in and out to evade predators. A scene of pre-history which we can only imagine from the fossil record they left behind.

Over millions of years tectonic forces and unique geological conditions preserved and transformed the fossilized ammonite into gem specimen of stunning beauty, a process that remains a mystery to science.

There the treasures remained hidden from the world into the early nineteen hundred's when a team from the geological survey of Canada first officially recorded the presence of ammonite fossils while exploring the enduring banks of the ST. Mary's river of southern Alberta.


Today Gemsquares.com brings the world ammolite, a rare and highly priced gems created from ammonite fossils. Within sight of the majestic rocky mountains of southern Alberta, and the like mine quarries d into Canada's geologic removing seventy five million years of sediment layers volcanic ash gem rich emanate faucets like it.

Skilled cutters then carefully selected gem quality fossil pieces for polishing. Using a proprietary process they create gemstones of intense iridescent color rivaled the much acclaimed black opal of Australia.

The rarity of ammolite is attributed to the fact that southern Alberta Canada is the only source for gem quality ammolite in the world. Geologic conditions unique to this area preserved and transformed the ammolite shell into an opal like gem material. Although they together recovered tons of material annually, only a small fraction is suitable for gemstone production.

Since gaining official gemstone status in 1981 by international confederation of jewelry in Paris, ammolite has quickly archived worldwide acclaim placing it amongst the world’s rarest and the most beautiful gemstones. As the demand for ammolite continues to grow, so does its value. Ammolite gemstones are truly unique; no two ammolites are exactly alike. They are as individuals as person who adorns it by exhibiting a unique combination of color, intensity, texture, and pattern.


Ammolite naturally compliments any lifestyle or occasion.. ammolite also has a deep meaning to those who follow the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. Practitioners believe that ammolite holds and radiates positive cosmic energy which can enhance the wellbeing and destiny of those who possessed it.

As with other fine jewelry, your ammolite should be worn and stored with care. Ammolite is similar to pearls, so avoid exposure to hair spray or perfumes. To clean simply apply a small amount of mild liquid dish soap to your fingers and rub out of the piece. Don’t attempt cleaning with ultrasonic cleaners or any harsh or abrasive cleaning solution; rinse it under warm tap water.

Direct from our ammolite cutter to your jeweler of choice, our ammolite is a truly rare and authentic gemstone. Ammolite is a perfect addition to your fine jewelry collection and will provide you with long lasting enjoyment and pride of ownership.