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Amethyst is one of members in quartz species. The top quality amethyst is a deep purple and has no flaw or inclusions. The word "Amethyst" comes from Greek for " not drunken" The gem was believed to protect from the effect of wine, especially if they held under the tongue while drinking

When heated to approximately 550 to 600 C, amethysts turn dark yellow or reddish-brown and are called ciitrines. They are more richly colored and more expensive than natural citrines.

Amethyst is mined in several countries including the USA, Brazil, Madagascar and Kenya it is a hard and durable gemstone, perfect for jewelry. Throughout history, its use in rudimentary jewelry can be traced back as far as the Neolithic period (approximately 4000BC) and samples of it set into gold rings have been uncovered in burial sites from around 2400BC. Amethyst occurs in a variety of pink and purple shades, from the delicacy of Rose De France Amethyst to the deep brooding vibrancy the gemstones found in Zambia and Uruguay.